Cody 7:57  Lashley looks like he was a mean, mean defensive end in another life. Maybe he’s DeMarcus Ware’s brother.


Trevor 7:58   Watch out. He looks like Me'Shell from Dodgeball. Had to look up the spelling on that one.


Cody 8:02  Game 2 of the NBA Finals is about to start.


Trevor 8:02  Oh, is that tonight?


Aaron 8:03   Yeah. Gail is meeting us at Green Turtle, remember?


Trevor 8:04   Your girl.


Cody 8:04   Y’all can have Gail. I’m taking Angelina — aka, the WORLD CHAMP — on a date tomorrow night.


Aaron 8:05   Rest assured, Me’Shell. You will not be going on a date with that bombshell.


Trevor 8:05  That bomb’Shell.


Cody 8:05  I don’t want to now after that comment.