Cody 7:49  For the record, it was a nice full nelson (which is illegal in collegiate wrestling, by the way).


Cody 7:51  Gunner nearly had it won with the pinning combination, but EC3’s hype man distracted Gunner. EC3 responded by beating Gunner, somehow. As I type this, Gunner is chasing down EC3, grabbed his hype man, and now has him by the hair, walking him back to the ring. The crowd is loving this.


Aaron 7:53   Gunner showed some speed there. At his size, I’d say he’s a 4.6 40 guy.


Trevor 7:53  But does he have the “it” factor? Is he the kind of guy you want to build a franchise around? Speed and size are key, but mental fortitude separates the elite from the not-so-elite.


Trevor 7:53  This feels like a 15-seed beating a 2-seed in the NCAA tournament. I have chills. The slipper fits!


Trevor, Aaron, Cody 7:53  #Mercer #LordHaveMercer #LamborghiniMercer #KidsAGunner


Cody 7:53   Update: Gunner walked the hype man back and forced him into the ring. He followed that by picking up the hype man and slamming him on the ground while the crowd cheered, “USA! USA!” It’s even funnier because the referee just watched it all go down and didn’t even try to stop it. #hashtag


Aaron 7:54   Gunner just took the baseball that started the night in EC3’s speedo and gave it to a little boy in the front row. Where are this kid’s parents?


Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe


Aaron 7:56  Wait ... Samoa Joe is from Samoa? Of course, he throws up the hang loose hand signal. Fun fact: When you type in Samoa in Google, Samoa Joe is the second result. #HesThatGuy