The Rock makes Michael Phelps try out for 'Baywatch' in new promo

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is probably going to run for president, so it would make sense that he start vetting all new associates, but even this seems a little much.

In a new promo for "Baywatch," an action-comedy starring Johnson that's based on the long-running television series, Michael Phelps comes to Johnson to say he wants to join the elite Baywatch lifeguard team. 

Johnson, who does not have 23 Olympic gold medals in swimming, is skeptical. "This is not some little kiddie pool in Rio, Mike. This is the beach. You've got to earn this," he says with all of his requisite Rock-ness.

Johnson puts Phelps through the paces, and Phelps does enough to slip into the hallowed red trunks. It's unclear whether Phelps will be in the movie itself, though. He's not credited as a cast member on "Baywatch"'s IMDB page, meaning that for now, his lone acting experience remains a 2008 episode of HBO's "Entourage." It was a memorable two seconds.

"Baywatch" arrives in theaters May 25.

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