To get into kicker Justin Tucker's range, the Ravens needed to get to around the Packers' 40-yard line, meaning their receivers had to run deep vertical routes, though it helped that they did not need to get out of bounds. That meant their offensive line needed to protect long enough for their receivers to get downfield. At the snap of the ball, Brown, Jones and Smith streaked straight down the field. Clark crossed the formation with a post route that took him toward the left sideline. Rice tried to slip out of the backfield. The Packers used a three-man rush, allowing them to play man coverage across the board with three deep safeties trying to prevent the big play down the field. The Ravens wide receivers had no chance to complete their routes, though, as it only took a couple of seconds for that three-man rush to get to Flacco. Packers outside linebacker Nick Perry, who was filling in for the injured Clay Matthews, lined up across from new left tackle Eugene Monroe. Monroe, who was making his first start with the Ravens after he was acquired from the Jacksonville Jaguars, played a solid game -- except for this costly missed block.
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