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Is anyone actually excited about the Baltimore Grand Prix?

We're two days removed from the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix, and I haven't talked to one person who is looking forward to the big IndyCar race. Granted, I don't know every single person in Baltimore, but it seems the consensus is that this costly event is a logistical nightmare that is pretty much ruining everyone's lives.

Is that a fair assessment?

Everyone has been complaining about the gridlocked streets downtown. Traffic is so bad, it screwed up Buck Showalter’s morning commute on Thursday (if Buck scowls when he’s happy, imagine the face he made when he tried to turn onto Light Street). Environmentalists are concerned about air pollution. Taxpayers wonder if their dollars are being put to good use. The IndyCar drivers themselves worry the downtown track is unsafe.

Am I angry about the race? No.

Am I apathetic about it? You bet.

It hasn’t affected my life, thankfully. But I have zero interest in the race. I have zero interest in some guy who is blogging for us. And I have zero interest in Danica Patrick, who is highly overrated.

Watching this virtual video of what it’s like to drive in the Baltimore Grand Prix is enough for me. Maybe I’ll cue it up a few dozen times Sunday and pretend that I’m actually downtown at the race. That’s enough of a Baltimore Grand Prix experience for me.

Your turn: Is anyone actually excited about the Grand Prix?

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