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Your turn: Are you done watching the Terps this season?

The Maryland men's basketball team lost to lowly Virginia on Saturday, the Terps' third straight loss. Now at this week's ACC tournament, the Terps (18-13, 7-9 ACC) will have to go on an improbable run to the title to avoid a trip to the NITs.

"What we do now is get ready to play in the ACC tournament," Maryland coach Gary Williams said Saturday. "I know no team has ever won four games down there since the expansion. At the same time, we are going down there to try to win the thing."

Let's be honest. It's not happening.

So with the Terps facing long to make the NCAA tourney and the NITs being, well, the NITS, I wouldn't blame you if you were no longer invested in the Maryland men at this point.

You tell me: Are you done watching the Terps this season?


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