Gary Williams on his recruiting record: 'I think it worked out OK'

To my knowledge, former Maryland men’s basketball coach Gary Williams had not commented publicly about the additions made to new coach Mark Turgeon’s staff -- specifically super recruiter Dalonte Hill -- until he appeared on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. to promote the Melwood Prince George’s County Open.

Asked about the type of players that Turgeon will recruit -- presumably more of the AAU variety with Hill on board -- Williams opted to go on the defensive about his own recruiting history in College Park.

“It’s every head coach’s right to have his staff obviously, and they’re going to get very good players,” Williams told “The Junkies” on Wednesday. “But I think one thing that I’ve never understood: We’ve gotten very good players over 22 years. We couldn’t have won the last 12 years before this year more games than any team in the ACC in conference games except for Duke. We had more wins than Carolina for the last 12 years. And so to do that, when Carolina gets great players, we have to get great players.”

Later in his response, Williams added, “You’re trying to win games. …  That’s what I did. And each coach has his own way of doing it, and that’s the way we did it, and I think it worked out OK.”

I’d say so, though his critics will argue it could have worked out even better had Williams recruited more top-flight local players.

The recruiting game isn’t something he will miss, apparently.

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