Suggs on Flacco overanalysis in lockout: 'Everybody's bored'

Have you been wondering why folks around the football world have been talking about Joe Flacco so much (so much that I could put together this sizable photo gallery of Flacco backers and attackers)? Well, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has a good explanation: There is nothing else to talk about during the NFL lockout.

“Everybody’s bored. We all love football. We all miss it and we need to get back to it,” Suggs told Jerry Coleman on FOX 1370’s “Sports with Coleman” on Wednesday. “When you’re bored, stuff like that gets said.”

Suggs has been staying busy will his film production company, Team Sizzle Worldwide, and was recently at the Cannes Film Festival. He also said he has been using MMA and boxing to train like many other players are doing during the lockout, and he worked out with Joe Flacco, Todd Heap and company in Arizona in April.

“We definitely need more than a week [to get ready for the NFL season whenever the lockout ends],” said Suggs, who racked up 11 sacks in the 2010 season. “I would like to think everyone has been taking care of their business and prepared anyway.”

Suggs wasn’t in the mood to talk trash -- he passed on a chance to make fun of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for riding a water slide at a resort in Mexico -- but he did respond to the recent comments made by Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley about Flacco, saying that Woodley “likes to talk out of his ass.”

“So I ain’t too much concerned about what people say about my quarterback,” Suggs said. “We know what our quarterback can do and he’s just going to have to prove his naysayers wrong.”

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