Ravens FanCam, Facebook and the Harbaugh Bowl

If you have tickets to the Harbaugh Bowl and like tagging yourself on Facebook, then I’ve got a news item for you.

The Ravens will debut a cool piece of technology called the Ravens FanCam at Thursday night's game at M&T Bank Stadium. Before the game, a 360-degree, high-definition camera will snap a photograph of the crowd at the stadium. It has a resolution of 10 billion pixels, so every person in attendance can be found in the photo.

The Ravens will put the photo on Facebook so fans can find themselves and tag appropriately on Facebook.

Pretty neat, right?

Fans are encouraged to be in their seats for player introductions to be part of the photograph, so be on time.

I’ll be in the press box during intros shoving crab cakes into my face. Can someone find me and tag me please?

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