17. Eagles (4): Sunday’s game in Buffalo isn’t a must-win, but the Eagles should probably start doing it soon.

18. Raiders (27): Their schedule is unforgiving, but if they beat the Chargers twice, they will have a chance.

19. Bears (13): Monday night’s game in Detroit could be a pivotal game in Chicago’s season.

20. Jets (8): Ditto for Rex Ryan’s Jets against the Pats on Sunday.

21. Browns (21): Their two victories have come against winless teams (the Colts and Dolphins).

22. Cardinals (25): Their three losses have been of the stomach-punching variety.

23. Panthers (30): Cam Newton’s passing prowess at the pro level is maybe the season’s biggest surprise.

24. Seahawks (24): A bad team that should be in the thick of things in the awful NFC West in December.

25. Bengals (32): Andy Dalton and A.J. Green have looked good replacing Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco.

26. Broncos (22): Just play Tim Tebow already. What else do they have to lose?

27.  Jaguars (31): They have 39 points so far. Maybe they shouldn’t have kicked David Garrard to the curb.

28. Rams (16): If you were the Rams and you finished last, would you take Andrew Luck first overall?

29. Colts (14): They haven’t looked bad the past two weeks. I wish I could say the same for Curtis Painter’s hair.

30. Chiefs (19): The Chiefs have been outscored 49-126, yet they somehow have a win to their name…

31. Vikings (18): That’s because the Vikings can’t hold a lead. They’ve come from ahead to lose four games.

32. Dolphins (23): When Jake Delhomme has no interest in quarterbacking your team, you know things are bad.