19. Buccaneers: Will they build on last season? It’s unlikely given what the Saints and Falcons have done.

20. Rams: The awful NFC West is cluttered again, but I give the early edge to the team with the best QB.

21. Seahawks: That being said, I really like the additions of Sidney Rice and Zach Miller.

22. 49ers: And I think Jim Harbaugh will get the 49ers heading in the right direction in his first season.

23. Broncos: John Fox would be wise to give the job to Tim Tebow and give the ball to Willis McGahee.

24. Jaguars: They have some talent, but this could be a transitional year for the Jaguars.

25. Dolphins: In 2009, Kyle Orton found Brandon Marshall 101 times for 1,120 and 10 TDs. Just saying.

26. Cardinals: Kevin Kolb will warm up to Todd Heap quickly (write that down, fantasy football fans).

27. Raiders: Oakland coach Hue Jackson has his work cut out for him. The Raiders lost one of their best offensive weapons in Zach Miller and one of the best defensive players in football in Nnamdi Asomugha.

28. Panthers: 2010 was a disaster, but this will be an intriguing team with Cam Newton under center.

29. Browns: I was a fan of what they did in the draft, but why aren’t they making moves for the present?

30. Redskins: Mike Shanahan has made magic with no-name tailbacks. Can he do it with QB John Beck?

31. Bills: Still no quarterback of the future, but that means they will be in the running for Andrew Luck.

32. Bengals: Again the epicenter of turmoil in the NFL, the Bungles erred by not trading Carson Palmer.