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Michael Oher Tweeting about Steve Jobs becomes blog fodder

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday. When the news broke in the evening, the social media set did its thing, taking to Twitter and Facebook to mourn his death as if he were a close relative, post inspirational quotes from Jobs, and compare him to Einstein, Edison, Carnegie and even the late, great Jesus.

I can’t (stealing a phrase from my buddy Kevin Cowherd) keep my fat, little fingers off my new iPhone. But I was surprised by the strong reactions people had to the death of the innovator behind many great Apple products.

I’m also surprised the blogosphere is having so much fun with an innocent Tweet by Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher, who asked his 75,000 followers on Wednesday night to clue him in on who Steve Jobs was.

Oher posted the message to his Twitter feed using his iPhone, of course.

Now he being discussed on websites and blogs such as Deadspin, Shutdown Corner, NESN’s Daily Blend, Business Insider, and Outside the Box Score. (And now I am blogging about other people blogging about it, which makes my headline even more appropriate.) Deadspin encouraged its readers to contact Oher on Twitter and help him out -- “If, in fact, ‘who was Steve Jobs’ was a question and not a meta declarative statement.”

Just Google it next time, Michael, and save yourself from getting grief. (By the way, there’s an app for that.)

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