Oher says Flacco is 'easily the toughest quarterback in the NFL'

Joe Flacco has been sacked 10 times in 2011 and slammed to the turf on 21 other occasions. Ravens fans gasp, the quarterback dusts himself off and his backup, Tyrod Taylor, lives to hold the clipboard for another play.

The Ravens are tied for 22nd in the NFL in sacks allowed, but only eight teams have allowed their quarterback to get hit more often than the Ravens have with Flacco, who hasn't missed a snap to injury in four seasons.

That's why Ravens right tackle Michael Oher believes Flacco is "easily the toughest quarterback in the NFL."

“Since my first year here, I’ve seen him take some hits, and nothing fazes the guy,” Oher said on “The Glenn Younes Show” on 105.7 The Fan on Wednesday night. “It’s unbelievable just to see him stand in the pocket time after time when he knows he’s going to get drilled on this play. He’s fearless. Here’s a fearless guy. He’s willing to take hits for the team. It’s awesome to see him back there performing the way he’s performing.”

Is Flacco the toughest quarterback on the block? He’s certainly in the conversation. He has started 53 straight regular season games, the third-longest current streak among QBs behind Eli Manning and Philip Rivers.

Regardless of how tough the dude is, the Ravens must protect him better to ensure he makes it to 64 at regular season’s end. The Texans hit Flacco seven times Sunday, something that has John Harbaugh’s attention.

“The thing that was a little bit disappointing was our pass protection,” the Ravens coach said. “I think Joe made some great throws, especially in that first drive, and he got hit every single time. And that’s not good. I think it’s a testament to Joe and his toughness and all that. We’ve seen it. But we don’t want Joe getting hit like that.”

[via Ravens.com]

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