Jordan Williams goes in Round 2 in many NBA mock drafts

The Washington Wizards were one of several teams that Maryland center Jordan Williams has worked out for as he runs the gamut before the June 23 NBA draft, and after Tuesday’s workout at Verizon Center, he said he has a hectic schedule the next couple of weeks as he tries to improve his draft stock.

Williams told The Baltimore Sun that he decided to enter the draft after he left College Park in March to attend a basketball camp in Las Vegas. After a few weeks, he was convinced his game was NBA-ready.

"I went to the camp with the mindset, 'I think I'm ready, but I know I've got to prove it,’" said Williams, who has dropped 19 pounds. "When I saw my body change so fast [and] I saw my shot improving so fast, instead of stopping and going back to school … I think I just felt like I was ready for me to keep being better."

But as the draft nears, Williams is a staple in the second round of mock drafts from many national draft analysts. has Williams going to the Pistons at pick No. 33. has him getting drafted by the Lakers at pick No. 46. has him going to the Lakers later in Round 2. He didn’t show up in first-round-only mocks on, and The Sporting News. And projected him as the No. 25 pick to Boston in a previous mock but he has since dropped him out of their first round. was one site that projected Williams as a first-rounder. Matt Moore has him going to the Spurs at No. 29 and Dave Del Grande is sending him to the Nuggets at No. 22.

We will see how the dominoes fall on June 23, but if these draft analysts project correctly, there will be no guaranteed contract and roster spot for Williams as he begins his NBA career (perhaps prematurely). If he lands with the right team, though, he'll be OK.

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