Flacco on Lewis' crime comments: 'I wouldn't say he's wrong'

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco appeared on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia on Monday afternoon, and he was asked about Ray Lewis’ controversial comments about how an extended work stoppage would lead to an increase in crime in NFL cities. Rarely one to rock the boat, Flacco said, “I hear what he’s saying.”

“I mean from the standpoint of if we don’t play football, the cities are definitely going to struggle in some sense. Economically, whatever it’s going to be,” the fourth-year quarterback, back home in New Jersey, told host Mike Missanelli. “Honestly, all the owners can probably go a year without playing football. Most of the players could probably afford economically a year without football and get by. But the cities, they’re going to get hurt from this thing if we don’t play football. So I hear where he’s coming from and I wouldn’t say he’s wrong.”

Flacco pointed out that the bottom line is that Lewis sometimes gets carried away once you get him going.

“I definitely think he has a point,” he said. “Ray likes to take things a little far, and he’s very passionate about what he’s talking about, but I don’t think he’s not making sense when he says that stuff.”

Flacco also talked about the value of offseason workouts, growing up South Jersey and why Plaxico Burress would be a good fit for the Eagles. You can find a transcript of the interview here.

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