Who will win more games in 2012: Edsall or Leach?

In his first season at Maryland, Randy Edsall took a wrecking ball to everything Ralph Friedgen had built at his alma mater. Edsall overhauled the offense from pro-style to a spread. He ripped the names off his players’ jerseys and the doo-rags off their heads. He chased a bunch of players from the football program, including David Mackall and maybe soon Danny O’Brien. And he lost a lot of games, including eight straight to finish 2-8.

If you can think of a way that Edsall’s first season coaching the Terps could be worse, I would love to hear it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, Washington State just introduced Mike Leach as its head coach. The former Texas Tech coach was the fan favorite for the Maryland opening a year ago, but the school played it safe with Edsall, who was considered to be less likely to alienate his players than the brash Leach. Whoops.

Washington State went 4-8 this season and has a 9-40 record over the past four seasons. It will take time for Leach to bring in the type of players he needs to operate his “Air Raid” spread offense, but a quick turnaround seems inevitable.

Edsall, who is already on the hot seat, might need a turnaround next season to save his job. He signed on for five years with the Terps, but he has already done so much damage that he has worn out his welcome with many Maryland supporters.

So you tell me: Who will win more games in 2012, Randy Edsall or Mike Leach? Cast your vote in the poll on your left.

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