Adam Jones' hustle, Matt Wieters' wit impress Buck Showalter

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones has gotten off to a slow start at the plate -- he’s certainly not alone in that regard -- but he has impressed manager Buck Showalter, who said before tonight’s game against the Twins that Jones has been the team’s hardest working player since the start of spring training.

“I’m sure you all are watching,” he said. “He’s brought a great level of effort since Day One in spring training."

Jones is currently on a six-game hitting streak, and he went 2-of-3 in last night’s 11-0 win. He scored standing up from first base on Matt Wieters’ three-run double in the fifth inning, and his hustle caught Showalter’s attention.

“When Matt hit the ball of the wall -- bing, bang off the wall -- that’s a 3-2 count and you see a lot of people because they’re running on the pitch just casually start running to second base,” Showalter said. “He took off like he was trying to steal second base, and he scored standing up. I cannot tell you how many people in the major leagues do not score from first on that ball as quick as it got off the wall. And he made it easily.”

Showalter was then asked if anyone has more fun playing baseball than Jones, who is batting .232 with three home runs and six runs batted in this season.

“Yeah, but they don’t wear it on their sleeve like him,” Showalter said. “Nicky [Markakis] has a blast. He’s just not going to let the whole world see it all the time.”

“Wieters,” he continued. “I’m going to start keeping a notebook of Wieterisms. He’s funny. He said a couple of things in the dugout last night, I almost peed my pants. He didn’t even know it. He’s sharp. He’s quick.”

Making Buck Showalter pee his pants? Now that would be some Orioles magic.

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