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Video: Cedric Benson sings at last night's Ed Block event

I was invited to a VIP reception for the 2010 Ed Block Courage Award winners held at the Tremont Plaza Hotel last night, but I arrived an hour or so late because I was waiting for a phone call from Ken Rosenthal. When I finally arrived at the event, most of the award recipients were gone.

But Bengals running back Cedric Benson and Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd were still there, and they desperately tried to keep the party alive into the eight o'clock hour.

After a little bit of coaxing from the band, Benson, with a glass of white wine in one hand, hopped up on stage for a few songs. Meanwhile, Hurd grabbed a camera from a photographer and took a ton of photos while dancing in front of the stage.

This was probably one of those "you had to be there moments," but my boss wanted me to get something from last night's event, so I shot a cell phone video that has awful video quality and even worse audio quality (I apologize for that). Trust me, though, Benson is the big football player in a light green shirt on stage and Hurd is the guy on the right in a white button-up and black sweater who is going completely nuts. I think there is an "Ed Block Liquid Courage Awards" joke to be made here if you want to take a crack at one.

Here's the video (and congrats to all the winners who will receive their awards at tonight's official ceremony):

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