Ravens rookie Q&A: Talking singing, 'The Voice' and fumbles with Brandon Williams

The Baltimore Sun

Each week, Baltimore Sun blogger and reporter Matt Vensel will fire a few questions at a random Ravens rookie. This week it was nose tackle Brandon Williams, a third-round pick with an impressive set of pipes.

MV: All of the players sang "Happy Birthday" to O.J. Brigance in the cafeteria last week. I heard you sing and you were pretty good, so I guess we’ll start there. What was it like to serenade O.J. like that?

BW: It was cool. I know how much he means to the team and to most of the veterans because they’ve known him the longest. So it was pretty cool to go up there and just give my thanks to him for all that he has done for the team and wish him a happy birthday.

MV: Back in training camp, you talked about singing for the rookie skits. How long have you been singing and how did you get so good? Just from singing in the shower?

BW: I’ve been singing since I was a kid, very young. I used to sing in the church choir. I started doing that when I was about 5 or so, until I was 7 or 8. I got out of it for a while, but I did choir all the way through high school. I did an all-men’s choir just for a short little spurt. After that, I just sang karaoke, I guess. I do it when I’m just hanging out with friends or I’m in the shower or just when I’m happy.

MV: What’s your favorite genre to sing?

BW: I like everything, all the way from country to R&B, rock and everything.

MV: Jacoby Jones did "Dancing with the Stars" in the offseason. Any chance you want to try out for "The Voice?" Your teammates were suggesting you should.

BW: That might be a possibility. [He laughs] Maybe after football.

MV: Speaking of football, you made your NFL debut against the Buffalo Bills after missing the first three games with a toe injury and you recovered a fumble. You made an impression right away. What was it like to finally get out there on the field in an NFL game?

BW: It felt good. It’s something I had been waiting for since I was a kid, to play in a regular-season game. Mine was kind of postponed for a few weeks, but finally stepping on the field and getting to play and to make a big play, that was pretty awesome. Plus it was my son's first birthday, so I kept the football for him.

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