Ravens players have a good laugh at coach John Harbaugh's sideline chest bump fail

During the first quarter of Sunday’s win over the Dolphins, safety James Ihedigbo displayed great awareness when he raced to the sideline to pick off a pass from Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

But after the interception, which would later be overturned by a video review, Ihedigbo had tunnel vision. As he raced to celebrate with teammates, he didn’t see coach John Harbaugh coming in for a chest bump.

The end result was a hilarious video being posted to YouTube entitled “John Harbaugh Chest Bump Fail.”

Harbaugh has a sense of humor, though. In a film session early this week, Harbaugh queued up the embarrassing video for his Ravens players, who got a big kick out of it.

“I think it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my entire life,” said wide receiver Torrey Smith, while still giggling Wednesday. “It was terrible, man. He just looked so unathletic.”

Even Ihedigbo, who normally carries himself with a calm, quiet intensity, started laughing when a reporter asked him about leaving his chest-bumping head coach hanging.

“That was pretty hilarious,” Ihedigbo said. “I didn’t really pay attention [to Harbaugh]. I was going to celebrate with my teammates like I’m supposed to and I didn’t even see John. I told him I felt bad leaving him out to dry like that.”

It sounds like Harbaugh wasn’t too embarrassed by the whiff.

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