No. 2: Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is a classic, and you could make a case for ranking it No. 1, but there are just a few too many aspects that need to be tweaked. For one, it lasts waaaaaay too long. Give everyone one round and then go straight to the finals and it would be much easier to stay engaged the whole time. (Or go to a bracketed format, as some have suggested.) The Derby is also much more fun when it's at a ballpark with an iconic feature (Camden Yards' Warehouse, Fenway's Green Monster and McCovey's Cove in San Francisco elevated those events). That said, it's still fun to watch baseball's best sluggers try to out-macho each other, and if you can stomach the incessant "back, back, backs" from Chris Berman, it'll certainly be worth tuning in this year to see Chris Davis compete.
Ron jenkins, KRT
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