Six big pitching contracts that didn't exactly work out [Pictures]

Ubaldo Jimenez's move to the bullpen Tuesday ended what was a frustrating stretch for the Orioles and their fans, and doesn't exactly reflect well on the four year, $50 million contract Jimenez signed in the offseason. But what does this mean for him and the team going forward? For the sake of this exercise, we'll ignore the monster investments that might not pan out -- we're looking at you, C.C. Sabathia, Justin Verlander, and Matt Cain -- and the ones that are still too expensive to apply here (Sorry, Barry Zito). But here are some other starting pitching contracts that have looked horrible at one point or another, and how those deals ultimately panned out for the signing team. Some weren't as bad as you'd think, but most were.
By Jon Meoli, The Baltimore Sun
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