Split announce booth eliminated for this week's Orioles-Nationals games

The Baltimore Sun

Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood sports blogger: when the Orioles play the pair of two-game series with the Washington Nationals this week, it will be your familiar commentators explaining the action for you.

In previous Orioles-Nationals series, fans on both sides were frustrated by the split announce booth that combined one member of each team’s traditional MASN broadcasters to form a single, dual-team broadcast for the games.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the split-booth was no more, and the home team’s broadcast would be on MASN, while the visitors were relegated to MASN2.

Orioles fans are proud of the MASN team that calls its games, as shown in the Awful Announcing poll that named the team's broadcast crew the third-best in the league. Washington’s broadcasters were much less successful in the poll, and it’s no surprise why.

I watched the first few innings of the Nationals’ 11 a.m. game with the Chicago Cubs on Friday, and eventually switched over to the WGN feed out of frustration (and because I’m a company man, shout out to Tribune television).

The Cubs threatened with a few hits in the first inning, and pushed across a run, to which the MASN announce team gushed over how great that result was for the Nationals. Of course, they meant one run instead of several, but I think there are much better ones.

But nitpicking broadcasts isn’t my specialty, and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. To recap: split home-and-home, not split broadcasters. With the Nationals currently one of the hottest teams in baseball, a split series might not be the worst result for the first-place Orioles.



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