Buck Showalter pulls All-Star prank on Darren O'Day

The Baltimore Sun


I wonder if Darren O'Day's heart has started back up yet. Because when the Orioles' reliever was pranked recently by manager Buck Showalter for a Major League Baseball Fan Cave video, you wondered if the poor guy was going to need a defibrillator before it was all over.

This was an absolute classic. It went like this: before a game against the Mets in New York, O'Day was supposedly being interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter to talk about something called a "Solowheel."

It's a contraption O'Day endorses that looks like a tiny unicycle. In fact, it looks too tiny for the Keebler Elves.

But as O'Day jumps on the thing and begins demonstrating how it works, here comes an irate Showalter out of the dugout. And for the next few minutes, he proceeds to lace into O'Day over the stunt.

"Think that's a really good idea?" Showalter says. "Can we do this someplace else? It's embarrassing."

"Isn't this a contract year for you?" Showalter continues. "It wouldn't be real good if you fell off it ... what's paying you more, this or pitching for us?

At this point, O'Day seems literally frozen in place, absolutely mortified. Like he'd like to find a hole to crawl into, except Showalter would probably crawl into the hole, too.

"I thought I knew you better," says a steaming Showalter with a shake of his head. "You guys gotta get your priorities in order, riding a freakin' bicycle!"

When the "reporter" attempts to mollify the situation, asking if it would be OK for O'Day to ride in the dugout, Showalter erupts with an Oscar-winning finish.

"No!" he bellows. "What's that thing called, Solowheel? You can can solo your way back to your city!"

And to O'Day, before storming back in the dugout: "We'll find someone else to pitch."

When the "reporter" finally tells O'Day he's been pranked and Showalter returns to give his pitcher a hug, you wonder if O'Day is even still breathing, even as he shakes his manager's hand and tells him he's a good actor.

Again, it's a classic, even though it probably took years off O'Day's life. You can see the whole thing here -- and hope you never get pranked the way O'Day did.

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