Kevin Gausman topped Toronto's top young arm in donut-eating contest

The Baltimore Sun

Kevin Gausman’s predilection for miniature powdered donuts was part of his legend long before he arrived in Baltimore. He ate them regularly before every game, and Adam Jones famously filled his locker with them during his first spring training.

But until now, we never knew how quickly he could eat them.

MLB Fan Cave put his donut-downing prowess to the test against another of the American League East’s top young arms, the Toronto Blue Jays' Marcus Stroman, in a first to five contest. The two will face off plenty of times as division rivals, but none will be more serious than this.

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Gausman fell behind early, casually eating his first and sipping some of the provided milk. But Stroman, perhaps because the powder made his mouth dry, wasn't able to keep up his early pace.

Stroman credited Gausman’s years of experience eating donuts for the victory. Gausman relished the win.

“It was a great fight, but I’ve been training all my life for this,” Gausman said in the video. “There’s really nothing better than this feeling right now.”

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