Orioles' postgame pie returns, at least for one night, after Jimenez's sweet performance

Are the Orioles back on pie alert?

After a dominant 7 2/3 innings Wednesday night against the Cincinnati Reds in a 2-0 win, Orioles starter Ubaldo Jimenez got more than a postgame interview with Mid-Atlantic Sports Network's Jim Hunter and Mike Bordick.

He got some congratulatory calories in the face from Orioles center fielder, pie delivery man and current scofflaw Adam Jones.

Mmmm. Is that strawberry?

The sweet sendoffs were "banned" before last season, with Jones citing safety concerns — yes, seriously — only to make one grand reappearance after Matt Wieters' walk-off single on Opening Day. (Orioles manager Buck Showalter called that in-the-face food a cake. Jones called it a pie. We'll likely never know the truth.)

Questions still remain. Is this Jones' annual allotment of one pie? This being a road game, where did he procure said pie? Were there other flavors available? Does Jimenez like strawberry-flavored food? If this was a safety matter before, does Jones now have the proper certification to perform more pie-in-the-face-ings? Did Showalter sign off on the pie thinking it was a cake?

This all boggles the mind. Then again, so does "Ubaldo Jimenez pitches scoreless gem to keep Orioles in first place in AL East."

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