Not LOL at Terps' prized football commitment's Jeremy Lin tweet

Stefon Diggs, your coach has had a bad past couple of weeks, your own blowout commitment bash notwithstanding. His former ACC Rookie of the Year quarterback transferred. Then he was pilloried for dictating the terms of that transfer release. After finally giving in, he dug in for what might be a protracted battle against James Franklin and Vanderbilt.

Then you, the face of a downtrodden program’s recruiting class, had to go and tweet something like this Thursday night: “Everybody need to get off Jeremy Lin egg roll and dumplings he's good though .”

Diggs’ questionable foray into Linsanity was deleted from his Twitter feed, but another Chinese food-inspired post remains there for all of his 4,000-plus followers to see: “Get off his egg roll and dumplins please RT @QuyeneeThePooh: @Marseanbaybee Jeremy Lin is all of it.”

Given the uproar over an inappropriate ESPN headline last week that cost the responsible editor his job and a series of tasteless tweets last month that got a big-time cornerback prospect expelled from prep school, you’d think the Good Counsel star would be a little more discerning with his choice of words.

Maybe he’s getting there? Note the progression of his tone in messages from this afternoon:

1:47 p.m.: wrote an article regarding my character ?? hmmm interesting I understand this is a business .

1:49 p.m.: is okay I understand , but to take my tweet out of context and to make it into what you want is different .

1:52 p.m.: LAST TWEET ... goodbye twitter see you in the fall .

Then silence.

For about an hour.

3:06 p.m.: I apologize for my insensitive tweet last night, I am a big fan of Jeremy Lin and his trailblazing ways and will continue to be

To borrow a bit of shorthand you’ll often find on the popular microblogging site: “smh.”

Shaking my head.


Jonas Shaffer is a sports reporting intern at The Baltimore Sun. The senior journalism major at the University of Maryland also serves as sports editor of The Diamondback. Contact him at and follow him at

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