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Nationals game has technical difficulties, Nationals fans blame Peter Angelos

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MASN was trending nationwide Saturday night on Twitter. That's not significant in itself: It trailed, among other topics, "Good Deeds," an unremarkable 2012 film, and "The Devil Wears Prada," a more remarkable 2006 film, if only because it is a movie starring Adrien Grenier that doesn't reek.

What could propel a humble regional broadcast sports network into the fleeting national dialogue, you ask? Well, besides the division of millions of dollars in revenue for two neighboring baseball cities.

Best as I can piece together, here's what literally happened: During a second-inning at-bat by Washington Nationals right fielder Bryce Harper, the MASN broadcast flashed a "phone busy signal" and cut to commercial. In all, at least 20 ran, nonstop, during a live game.

When the broadcast returned, there was no score bug. The camera angle pointed away from home plate. The audio? Philadelphia Phillies broadcasters.

MASN acknowledged the technical difficulties but did not identify the cause. Which led some Nationals fans to wonder about the whereabouts of the network's majority owner.

MASN's feed eventually returned, which invited its own criticism, from the caliber of the Nationals' actual broadcasters to a Washington offense apparently weakened by a strengthened signal.

The Nationals won, 11-0, and will host the Orioles in a makeup game Monday. I'd expect to see some anti-Angelos signs at that game.

I just wouldn't expect to see them on TV.

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