Maryland mocked, assigned Harry Potter character in Big Ten-Game of Thrones comp

The Baltimore Sun

Welcome to the Big Ten, Maryland. It’s going to be a long road to acceptance.

The Chicago-based blog Sherman Ave assigned each Big Ten school a corresponding Game of Thrones character last week. Many of their assignments were spot on — Northwestern as the smart, if not physically unimposing Tyrion Lannister; Michigan as the talented, slightly arrogant superpower Jamie Lannister; and Ohio State as the loathsome top dog Joffrey.

But scroll to the bottom and you’ll see new members Maryland and Rutgers, who join the league on July 1. They weren’t exactly deemed worthy of Game of Thrones characters. Instead, the Big Ten newcomers were assigned Fred and George Weasley, the red-headed joker twins from the Harry Potter series.

The site wrote: “They know how to have a good time and — wait. Wait, wait, wait. What are they doing here?? Totally out of place.”

If you want to talk about out of place in a Game of Thrones scenario, maybe Maryland and Rutgers could have been Stannis Baratheon — a pretty irrelevant character (to this point — haven’t read the books) chasing something no one believes they deserve and mortgaging their futures to do so.

Otherwise, the list is actually a good primer to a conference that fits the Thrones universe well, especially in Westeros. A lot of talk of valor and honor and tradition, but the world has kind of moved on and doesn’t play by the old rules any more.

Either way, I don’t think it’s a break-out-the-pitchforks situation for the Maryland slight. Just a not-so-friendly reminder that the Terps aren’t in the ACC anymore, and the pasture they’re leaving for isn’t exactly greener.

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