It's a young Orioles season, so here's a photo of a young Buck Showalter

Like Kate Beckinsale and Bartolo Colon, Buck Showalter does not seem to age. 

He still looked downright young-ish in his days managing the New York Yankees, but there's no apparent distinction between his years with the Arizona DiamondbacksTexas Rangers and Orioles. Where are the fine lines and wrinkles? 

But Opening Day is no time to focus on the wear and tear of a life in baseball. It's about rebirth and new beginnings. 

With that said, feast your eyes on Young Buck Showalter.  

Ahead of the Orioles' game today against the Toronto Blue Jays, has furnished The Baltimore Sun with a photo of Showalter from the Mississippi State University 1978 yearbook.

Here's how the yearbook described him above: "Junior college transfer Nat Showalter captured the SEC batting crown with his .459 average. The Florida native received All-America honors at the season’s end and later signed a pro contract with the New York Yankees.”

This is your annual reminder that Baltimore has a Nat who used to be a Yankee leading the Orioles.

Treasure your Opening Days and your hair, everyone. 

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