In Nationals flagship station ad, Baltimore brings 'massive inferiority complex' to D.C.

The Orioles and Boston Red Sox played four times last week. The series produced three headlines: Boston fan(s) racist. Manny Machado furious. Pitcher ejected after breaking ball hits batter.

The Orioles and Washington Nationals have played 60 times since the so-called Beltway Series began in 2006. They have had, by comparison, exactly one attention-getting beef. You can blame Jonathan Papelbon for that, as you can a lot of other stuff.

So, no, there is not a lot of animosity between the two local teams ahead of tonight's series opener at Camden Yards. Unless you count the Nationals' flagship radio station part of the team. 

As noted by The Washington Post, WJFK (106.7 FM) is running a promo spot through Thursday that will definitely get all those Washington-based Orioles fans to tune in. For sure. It goes as follows:

"This week two of the hottest teams in baseball meet in the Beltway Series. First, the Nats travel to Baltimore to face Manny Machado and the Orioles. Side note: Natty Boh is brewed in Georgia, and 50 percent of crabs served in Maryland are actually from Japan.

"Then, Baltimore brings its massive inferiority complex to D.C., a city with more jobs, a lower crime rate and a better baseball team. Hear it all on your flagship home of the Washington Nationals, Sports Radio 106.7 The Fan."

This feels a little like a school's fans pointing to its graduation rate and U.S. News & World Report ranking during "Rivalry Week" trash talk, but, hey, at least it's something. In lieu of Papelbon, maybe this is all we can hope for.

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