Hyun Soo Kim is a Teletubby, Dylan Bundy goes 'Duck Dynasty' for Orioles' road trip

Can you name all of the Orioles rookies from their dress-up day? Here's one: Hyun Soo Kim is a Teletubby.

The Orioles are hitting the road today for their final two trips of the regular season, to Toronto and New York, their postseason fate hanging in the balance. Officials are figuring out the end-of-season rotation. Fans are offering up sacrifices to the baseball gods for an American League wild-card playoff game at Camden Yards, probably.

Meanwhile, I'm just here behind a computer, trying to figure out which Orioles rookie is the man behind the creepy mime mask.

That life-sustaining photo comes courtesy of Orioles reliever Mychal Givens' (private) Instagram account. It's tradition: Every year, before the last road trip of the season, Orioles rookies dress up like it's Halloween. Among the notable costumes in recent years are pitcher Mike Wright's Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Manny Machado's tutu-included ballerina and everyone in this 2015 photo.

For the uninitiated, here's the 2016 edition, with help from the good folks at Orioles Hangout. If any obvious characters are overlooked, comment below.

  • Donnie Hart as a serious ballerina
  • Trey Mancini as a female lumberjack who ... likes jorts?
  • Tyler Wilson as Lloyd Christmas 
  • Jayson Aquino as a mime
  • Mychal Givens as Larry Johnson's "Grandmama" ... or just some middle-aged woman who's getting her hair done
  • Oliver Drake as Captain Planet
  • Mike Wright as a pointdexter
  • Dylan Bundy as Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty"
  • Hyun Soo Kim as Dipsy — according to Wikipedia, the most stubborn of the Teletubbies
  • Kim's interpreter, Danny Lee, as Pikachu

The Orioles have to pass through customs on the way up to Canada. Here's hoping video of a Teletubby and a mime clearing immigration surfaces on the internet before long.

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