Harold Reynolds, Brady Anderson during Orioles batting practice

Former Orioles Harold Reynolds and Brady Anderson suited up for batting practice with the team Thursday in Houston. (Twitter photo by Eduardo Encina / May 30, 2014)

No one will argue that the Orioles' offense could use a bit of a boost.

Whether two men who joined them Thursday in batting practice could provide it is a different conversation entirely.

Former Orioles Harold Reynolds and Brady Anderson were in full uniform yesterday before the Orioles' 3-1 loss to Houston, with Reynolds taking his hacks in the batting cage and trying to regain his late-80s All-Star form.

Reynolds, now an MLB Network analyst, will broadcast today's Civil Rights Game in Houston.

Anderson -- Reynolds' teammate with the Orioles in 1993 and the team’s current vice president of baseball operations -- joined him for an afternoon on the field with the team.

WBAL has the video on YouTube. If nothing else, it’s good to see the Orioles loose during their current mini-slide.