A career-ender for Ray Lewis? Not a chance

The Baltimore Sun

So some say Ray Lewis might have played the last game of his career Sunday in that shaky 31-29 Ravens' win over Dallas? Forget it. It's much ado about nothing.

We'll find out later today, at John Harbaugh's 4 p.m. news conference, the extent of Lewis'  triceps injury. The fear is he could be done for the season. But even if he is, any speculation that this is a career-ender for the great middle linebacker is ridiculous.

There's no way a proud man like Lewis would call it quits on a glorious, 17-year, Hall of Fame-bound career with a triceps injury. Or probably any injury, for that matter. This is a guy who'd want to play if he took an arrow through the throat.

Even if he's out for this season and the injury called for surgery, you can bet Lewis would re-hab the triceps like a madman and be ready for next season.

He's heard all the whispers from the critics. He's too old at 37. He's too slow. He's too light now that he's lost all that weight. All of that fuels him.

The man is a warrior and delights in proving his critics wrong. No way would he hang it up because of an injury like this. He's going to go out on his terms, pure and simple.

Plus, why would he walk away from all that money?

According to The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson, he'll make $4.95-million this year, and $7.3-million, $5.4-million and $6.5-million in non-guaranteed base salaries over the next three years.

No, we haven't seen the last of Ray Lewis in purple and black. That's one thing you don't have to worry about.

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