Coffee Companion (7/3): Orioles wait out wet win

The Baltimore Sun

My apologies to everyone at the Orioles game last night — the weather was basically because I was in Frederick. However, since it was a minor league game, and not a close one at that, they ended the game at the first sight of bad weather and I was home sleeping well before your game resumed. Which is why I'm up early for the Coffee Companion, where we recap the local sports headlines every weekday.

- The Orioles came from behind and waited out a nearly two-hour rain delay to take a third-straight win from the Rangers, 6-4.

- There was plenty of other Orioles news, including Kevin Gausman inexplicably throwing two innings in Aberdeen, which is no place for a major-league pitcher who is not injured. Bud Norris, a pitcher who is injured, will likely need a rehab start in a place like Aberdeen after his groin issue is healed.

- Chris Davis and Jonathan Schoop are both looking to break out of slumps in their own ways.

- The conditions that emerged for the Ravens to receive a draft pick for Rolando McClain are actually playing-time based, which means it’s not terribly likely the Ravens will get a picture from Dallas.

- An ESPN writer polled nearly 30 industry sources and asked them to rate the league’s quarterbacks, and Joe Flacco came in 12th.

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