Plus, now that Carmelo has a wax sculpture, Knicks coach Mike Woodson has the luxury of getting the real Anthony more rest. They can throw the sculpture out on defense. I doubt anyone would know the difference.
But nobody’s buying Anthony’s optimism. If anything sticks out about this year’s NBA finals, it was the dynamism. The athleticism. LeBron and Durant and Wade and Westbrook slashing through the key and distributing and running.
The Knicks are stuck with Melo-ball.
OK, I’ve been sufficiently nasty to an athlete who did nothing wrong Thursday but try to interact with his fans. Secretly, I’m just hoping that this past year and a half has been part of a more elaborate prank.
Maybe next season, Carmelo will stop pretending to be a wax figure on the court and start capitalizing on the talent Baltimoreans saw at Towson Catholic.
Oh, and win. That would shock and surprise and delight a whole lot more Knicks fans.