Cardinals' John Lackey called Caleb Joseph's home run a 'Baltimore home run'

The Baltimore Sun

John Lackey does not take losing to the Orioles well.

On Saturday, the Cardinals pitcher and uber-heel needled Orioles fans again after the 10-3 blowout, this time putting catcher Caleb Joseph in his sights.

According to, Lackey called Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph’s two-run, second-inning home run a "Baltimore home run,” as in he doesn’t think it was a real home run. It pretty much scraped the wall, but it was estimated at 383 feet.

Lackey didn’t get much run support this year in Boston, but I bet he never spit on any of the pop-ups that went over the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

Either way, Lackey must not be aware that Joseph has homered in five straight games, and three different ballparks over that span. Seems like his home runs are pretty legit lately.

Lackey was last seen by Orioles fans taking shots at slugger Nelson Cruz. After Cruz went 5-for-5 in a July game against Lackey’s Red Sox, he told the media they had short memories, referring to Cruz’s steroid suspension.

That set off a war of words between the Orioles and the Red Sox, though I don’t think there's any burgeoning rivalry between the Orioles and the Cardinals. Still, Lackey must have thought Cruz's home run Saturday was legitimate, since he didn't say anything about that.

No word yet on whether Lackey will be back in Baltimore in Week 2 wearing Steelers colors. It's about all he has left to do that will be able to get a reaction out of anyone around here.

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