2011's Most Memorable Stories

Memory, we often find, can work in unexpected ways. This time of year, especially, we're afforded the time to reflect. And with a new year set to begin, we seek meaning in what we've just experienced. With sports, we always figure to remember the big games, the final outs, the game-winning touchdowns. Yet months after the fact, it can be surprising to find that some small detail resonates from those games, whether they left us euphoric or despondent. It is difficult to recall, exactly, the sequence that led to that one last fateful throw toward the end zone, but impossible to forget the look on someone's face -- the coach, the star player, the guy at the other end of the bar -- or to not hear, ringing in your ears, something uttered by someone nearby -- your best friend, maybe, or the usher who'd shown you to your seat before wiping away the last remnants of that morning's rain shower. Through the blur, then, we're able to see more clearly. Significance arises from those scenes and feelings we can't shake. These are the most vivid moments plucked from the minds and hearts of the reporters who covered sports for The Baltimore Sun this year.
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