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Terrell Suggs may have to say Tom Brady's name as NFL Network analyst

Terrell Suggs famously refuses to say New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s name, but now, he might have to. The Ravens outside linebacker has been appearing on the NFL Network as part of its Super Bowl coverage, and Brady is basically the star attraction.

Suggs, a former Arizona State star, has plenty of reason to be in Arizona, where the Super Bowl activities seem to be spread out around Phoenix and Glendale, Ariz. He’s even hosting a party this week. And according to this tweet, he just showed up at their Arizona home base and said he was working for the NFL Network this week.

In the two clips available online, in which Suggs and an endless panel of former players and coaches discuss Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s Media Day shenanigans and readjusting to football preparation after Media Day, Suggs takes a couple of shots at the Patriots and coach Bill Belichick. But he never mentioned Brady’s name.

When the two teams played in the playoffs, Suggs feigned shock...

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John Harbaugh will be an analyst on NBC's Super Bowl pregame show

Ravens coach John Harbaugh will have a role in NBC's coverage of Super Bowl XLIX.

Harbaugh, whose team finished two victories shy of their second Super Bowl appearance in three years, will appear on NBC’s pregame, halftime and postgame show, a team spokesperson confirmed Tuesday. His involvement was first reported by Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch.

Harbaugh, fellow Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy, former All-Pro and Super Bowl winning safety Rodney Harrison and host Dan Patrick will be part of a "Coach’s Clicker" segment where the two coaches analyze film and schemes of the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks.

The features will be part of a pregame show that starts at noon and features, among other things, minute-long hometown visits to players’ homes, segments on their wives, and an interview with Katy Perry, per Deitsch's rundown.

And yes, they’ll also touch on Ballghazi, and whatever recent developments arise from the investigation into claims that the Patriots'...

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ESPN's Scott Van Pelt had bag stolen, then found at BWI after Maryland game

ESPN television and radio host Scott Van Pelt, a former Maryland student and big-time Terps fan, had the rare kind word for an airport security team after the staff at Baltimore-Washington International Airport tracked down his stolen backpack and allowed him to make his flight in the span of around 20 minutes.

Van Pelt told this story last week on his ESPN radio show, SVP and Russillo. While it’s bad form to just get to it now, it seems like a pretty neat story that deserves to be highlighted, especially considering the amount of negative attention that can be given to airport security during tough times.

From what I can gather from the story, Van Pelt was at Maryland for the Michigan State basketball game earlier this month, and while going through security on his flight out of town, realized he had forgotten his father’s dog tags at the hotel. While calling the hotel, and subsequently ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle, he noticed he had forgotten one of his two bags, a red...

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How much are Dan Duquette and other top execs really worth?

The Toronto Blue Jays' pursuit of Dan Duquette has become a fascinating story on many levels, but one question keeps hitting me amid all the will-he-or-won’t-he speculation: What is Duquette actually worth?

It’s a more nebulous issue than you might think.

When we analyze player-for-player transactions, we do so based on thousands upon thousands of past deals and on wide-ranging, fairly precise tools for measuring performance. Even so, trades are an inexact science at best, with the full implications often unclear for years.

So start from that base and then consider how little precedent we have with executive-for-player deals and how imprecisely we measure executive performance.

For a long time, executives were generally allowed to change jobs as they wished. The notion of general manager as star asset didn’t gain widespread currency until the last 20 years — with “Moneyball” making Billy Beane a household name and Theo Epstein helping end Boston’s championship drought.   

Even so, top...

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Torrey Smith's son, Torrey Jr., a winner in Gerber Spokesbaby contest

Torrey Smith’s nine-month-old son, Torrey Jr. (T.J.), is quickly catching up to his old man when it comes to national attention.

The Ravens wide receiver and his wife Chanel entered their young son into the “Crawler” division of the Gerber Spokesbaby competition late last year.

T.J. didn’t win the $50,000 grand prize, but his autumn-themed photo featuring him in a turkey hat and a crate of apples won his division and a $5,000 prize along with it.

At the time, they said half the winnings would go to a children’s charity, with the other half going to a college fund for Torrey Jr. The elder Smith is soliciting charity suggestions on his Instagram.

Maybe that nice little income bump for their son will bring down contract demands slightly for Smith, a pending free agent. I know that's improbable, but I have to make this about sports somehow. 

And that concludes another edition of the Baltimore Sports Baby blog. Check back tomorrow for what I can only assume will be more coverage of the...

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Dan Duquette ranked 17th best general manager in baseball history

As speculation swirls about Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette and his future with the organization, a pair of baseball writers have put his career accomplishments into a wider view, along with the rest of baseball’s executives.

On a blog in support of their upcoming book “In Pursuit of Pennants: Baseball Operations from Deadball to Moneyball,” writers Mark Armour and Daniel Levitt have been counting down the top 25 general managers in baseball history.

Duquette ranks 17th.

Without seeing who’s above him, it’s hard to put that into context. But on top of what he’s been able to do with the Orioles in the past few seasons, Duquette is lauded in the accompanying blog post for his drafts and talent acquisition with the Montreal Expos (including Vladimir Guerrero, Pedro Martinez, and Cliff Floyd) and Boston Red Sox (Nomar Garciaparra, Jason Varitek, and Martinez again).

At each stop, it was noted, Duquette’s past organization had success with the core he left in place after he...

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