Sun coverage: Remember when?

  • Troy Polamalu

    Troy Polamalu

    Ravens running back Jamal Lewis dives over the Steelers' defensive line and safety Troy Polamalu (43) for a fourth-quarter touchdown Dec. 24, 2006, at Heinz Field.

  • Remember when?

    2006 Ravens clinched No. 2 seed in AFC with big win in Pittsburgh

  • Remember when?

    Ravens' regular-season loss to Titans a real head-slapper

  • Ravens earn wild card

    The last time the Ravens played their final game of the regular season with a wild-card playoff berth on the line was Jan. 7, 2002. It also happened to be the first Monday Night Football game in Baltimore in more than two decades. The game was in January because it had been postponed after the...

  • Remember when?

    Ravens pounded Cowboys, 30-10, on Nov. 21, 2004, the last time the teams met

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