He's also motivated to get back to training to aid his Ground Control teammates in their preparations for upcoming fights -- Jones' middleweight teammate Tenyah Dixon will fight at Battle Cage Xtreme May 12 in Lincroft, N.J. Jones also says that Ring of Combat promoter Lou Neglia told him that the next Ring of Combat lightweight tournament will take place this fall and feature some of the best lightweights from around the country. So there's no time to rest -- Jones has a title to defend. He also wants to be ready if a major promotion calls and he's given the opportunity to fight on a national or international stage.

Past brushes with the UFC
Jones has already come close to breaking through with the sport's major promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), once before. He was selected as an alternate for season two of Spike TV's UFC reality show, The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) in 2005, but was not invited to be a part of the show's fifth season, which currently airs on Spike TV and features 16 lightweight fighters. Despite missing the chance to gain entry to the UFC through TUF 5, Jones always believed he could prove himself by winning the Ring of Combat tournament.

Now that he's accomplished his goal, Jones doesn't feel too badly about being left off of TUF 5.

"I more than belong [on TUF 5]. I know I can beat any of [those] guys," Jones said.

After watching the first few episodes of the show this season, Jones is convinced that he doesn't belong in the TUF house for a very different reason. Jones believes he is more mature than the show's fighters and thinks he has very different priorities in his life.

Jones sums up the current TUF lineup like this: "a bunch of young guys running around in their Speedos, arguing with each other ... I'm not into that kind of stuff ... I'm about taking care of my children and [honoring] my responsibilities as a man."

Jones adds, "I come to bang. I'm not there for a circus show."

Gaining exposure
Even if TUF is not in the picture for Jones, he may get television exposure in the near future. According to Jones, a Ring of Combat television crew visited him for a full day as he prepared for the tournament. The crew followed him to his work at the Youth in Transition alternative school in Woodlawn, interviewed his family and covered his training as part of their show chronicling the tournament.

That program will air on pay-per-view June 29 at 10 p.m., according to Jones. And while pay-per-view exposure may not garner the same attention as Spike TV, Jones doesn't appear to have any problems convincing at least one fan that he is on verge of something big.

After Jones handed Savon the title belt Friday night, his son replied, "Thank you, dad. This is the real deal."

The name of Binky Jones' son was misstated in a previous version of this article. The Sun regrets the error.

Pramit Mohapatra covers mixed martial arts for baltimoresun.com. Visit his blog, MMA Insider, for frequent updates on the sport.