John Harbaugh defends brother Jim's Michigan satellite camps

Jon Meoli
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With Jim Harbaugh catching heat for Michigan's satellite camps, John Harbaugh defended him --and America.

With his brother Jim Harbaugh catching heat around the country for holding “satellite camps” across the country with his University of Michigan coaching staff, John Harbaugh came to his defense Wednesday.

Jim Harbaugh just wrapped up Michigan’s “Summer Swarm” tour, a nine-day, seven-state camp circuit which has drawn the ire of opposing coaches, including Alabama’s Nick Saban and Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen, who think it’s nothing but a recruiting tactic to get all of the best players to come meet them.

Part of the issue is that the SEC bans them from doing the same, but Jim Harbaugh gave a much simpler explanation for it. He has said he simply wants to spread the game he loves across the country.

“In my America, you're allowed to cross the state borders,” Jim Harbaugh told USA Today. “That's the America I know.”

His brother agreed, and expanded a bit on it.

"I think he's spot on,” John Harbaugh said. “I think he's right on. It's America, isn't that what he said today? In our America, we're allowed to cross state lines?

"Think about it. What are we arguing against? An opportunity for young athletes to take a look at colleges from other parts of the country, especially those who aren’t in a socio-economic kind of situation where they can travel all over the country with their parents and look at schools. It’s great — I can take my daughter to any school in the country, talk to the coaches and get some exposure for her. How many people get a chance to do that? If we’re arguing against that, we’re arguing against America.”

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