Focusing on Edmondson

Sun Staff

It wasn't any great sense of prognostication that led Gerrard Shelley to videotape all the games for the Edmondson Red Storm's championship season. It was just something he'd done every year since 2001.

That year, Shelley started videotaping weddings and parties, and in the winter months when business slowed down, high school sports.

Among the teams he pays closest attention to is Edmondson.

"I live in the area and I know a lot of the kids who go there," said Shelley, 29, and a father of three.

One of the Edmondson kids he became friends with was Darryl Smith, the former quarterback who was killed on the streets of Baltimore in March 2005. Like it did Edmondson coach Dante Jones, Smith's death inspired Shelley to use his skills to help others. After each game, he produces a DVD that includes highlights and other extras.

"I always give some away, especially to the ones who starred in the video."

He said he hopes the videos help the players with college recruitment.

"My motivation for doing this is to show our young inner city kids that there is a better way in life."

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