A Conman With A Heart of (Black) Gold

We were impressed by the first episode of Lone Star. It seems to be a mix of To Catch a Thief and Dallas, and we love it. We expect a whole season of Bob staying one step ahead of being caught in his elaborate con designed to get him out of the business of cheating people out of money and go legit, plus elaborate family scheming by his brother in law and who knows who else to oust (and out) Bob.

We particularly love it when a show makes us all conflicted about right and wrong, and this show is delivering that in spades. We know it’s wrong for him to be secretly carrying on with two women, both of whom are his wives now. But he seems to love them both so sincerely! We know it’s horrible that he’s grifting wife #2’s parents and their friends out of who knows how much money, too.  But he wants to pay them pack through legitimately earning the money himself!  And did you see that he kept the gorilla keychain on for both lives?  How cute was that? He must love that girl a lot to take that kind of risk.  He even turned down the woman in the hotel bar out of loyalty to his wives.  That’s kind of commitment.

But can he con his father in law, played so convincingly by Jon Voight. He’s a shrewd character, all right. We wouldn’t try any excuse with that dude. No dog ate my homework, no my alarm didn’t go off, no nothing. This is a man who sees right through you, and who can be in turns terrifically frightening and overwhelmingly generous.  We wish Bob luck with that one, that’s for sure.  He might have met his match this time.

We can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds.  Will the evil brother in law prevail? Will the wives find out about each other? Will they be down with the polygamy thing? We’re guessing not.  How about the nice, sweet brother who believes in sustainable wind energy?  Yeah, he’s doomed, for sure.  How he’s made it this far has got to be explained by nepotism, cause he’s surely not cut out for the cutthroat business of being an oil man. 

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