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The Last Day airs tonight. We know that Elena wants to go through with the ritual, that Elijah might know a way to save her, that Stefan has accepted Elena’s wish, and that Damon… well, he may mess it all up. We also now know that Elijah and Klaus are brothers, half-brothers, and that is because Klaus is half vampire and half werewolf. The curse was made up by Klaus who wants to perform this ritual in order to unleash his werewolf powers and begin a new supernatural race. Wow!

Like every TVD episode, tonight’s will shock you from beginning to end. We had the opportunity to watch it yesterday followed by a Q&A session with Julie Plec, Daniel Gillies, Kat Graham, Steven McQueen, Michael Trevino & Joseph Morgan. We'll make this a two-parter, so we don’t reveal any of what happens on The Last Day. For now, let us focus on "The Originals"

Who knew that Elijah and Klaus were brothers! And we couldn’t help but notice some similarities to the Damon-Stefan dynamic. Daniel Gillies confessed that at first both Joseph Morgan and him were trying to figure out who was who, but then they realized Elijah and Klaus were actually a combination of Damon and Stefan. Morgan shared that while both characters carry aspects of the two, he’s really interested in seeing the change of dynamic between Elijah and Klaus from the 1400’s to when they meet again in modern day. "There’s a different hierarchy going on between us then." He said. "It’s fun to play that…" Gillies added, "Elijah seems so indestructible and it’s fun to go back and do the period stuff because you can play with a degree of vulnerability instead…"

Julie Plec told us that the reason why they’re exploring this love-hate relationship is that "... this show, at its core, is about family… whether it’s your blood family, your urban family, your friends family…" But when it comes to these particular siblings, well, a lot more could’ve happened between the 1400’s and now, and Plec joked about making a web series called "Klaus & Elijah Throughout Time." I don’t know you, but I think she should give it some serious thought. And while we’re at it, why not throw in some Damon, Stefan and Katherine throughout time as well?

Now, a little something for those Daniel Gillies fans out there. Elijah, in the beginning, wasn’t supposed to stick around until the end of the season. In Plec’s words: "Elijah as a character was meant to bridge the gap between the introduction of Klaus in script and then the actual reveal of Klaus late in the season… and we didn’t have the true mythology of how to kill an original completely worked out when we first introduced Elijah. Then freaking Dan Gillies walks in that door and you know, in a big old haunted house, with that suit, and he has that accent and everything about him is so great that we’re like, well, we can’t make him easy to kill (Laughs)… and we don’t want our characters to look stupid for not being able to get rid of him, so we just made it harder and harder until we reached the point that’s, you know, screw it, originals are immortal. (Laughs) And it’s honestly because of Daniel and the work that he did."

As to Joseph Morgan’s casting as Klaus, guess who takes full credit for this? Paul Wesley! Back in December he told Plec that Morgan would be ideal for the role. But then she forgot about it, Joseph Morgan auditioned, wowed everyone and got the part. "Really what we wanted was Joseph, you know, we hadn’t met him yet…" – Plec confessed when sharing how the search for the perfect Klaus began.

Of course we had to ask Gillies and Morgan what it was like to come into Mystic Falls with all their "original vampires" strength and powers. "It’s great!" "Fantastic!" They loved it! But it could be a bit intimidating at first, as Joseph explained. "You do wonder about coming in as a character who is at the top of the food chain… but everyone was very accommodating…  The first time, when I got to Atlanta I came and I watched some of the 60s dance and that was the first thing I saw, I sat and watched it all and one thing that struck me was how much fun everyone seemed to be having."

Finally, you may wonder if we’ll get to see more flashbacks involving Klaus, Elijah and Katherine. "Not this season.” Answered Plec, “Given that we are officially picked up for Season 3, I think Season 3 is very much the season of the originals."


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