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Opting for More Affordable Procedures

At Utopia Plastic Surgery and MedSpa, patients like Valerie Willis can pop in and out for quick and easy cosmetic treatments. Willis visits once a month to have laser hair removal on her legs and under her arms.

"I am opting for laser treatments ... they're more affordable," said Willis.

Willis, like a growing number of men and women, is opting for more affordable procedures. According to a survey of board certified plastic surgeons the economy has patients putting up with more wrinkles.

"Our laser procedures and injectables procedures have filled in that gap at least here at Utopia," said board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose.

Dr. Rose said while breast augmentations and liposuctions are down there is still one popular procedure that has seen a boost despite the economy.

"The one area of plastic surgery that has trended up has been the so called 'Brazilian' buttock lift, which is up about 25 percent," he said.

Plastic surgeons across the country have watched their bottom lines sag, but in Houston Dr. Rose said his business is still up along with cheaper non-invasive procedures.

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