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The Dorm Work Out

During her freshmen year of college, Shelby Guild packed on a few pounds. She says, "I was on a meal plan, so pizza, late night chic filet, chicken fried steak." She started doing the 'dorm Room Workout', inspired by Exhale Spa's Core Fusion class.

Lisa Dewitt, a Core Fusion Instructor says, "This is something you can do in a very small space, you'll feel it working right away."

First we warm up with leg lifts for one minute. Lisa says, " You're just going to begin by lifting your opposite knee to arm," and then we move into the forearm plank, "You're going to curl on the balls of your feet, lift your knees and hold the position for a minute. Right about now you're thinking ooh, I've had just about enough, but just give it another 20 seconds."

Next is the V position Plie, that we practice on the bar, but you could do on the back of your dorm room chair. Lisa describes, "Press your heels together and soften your knees right over the middle of your feet and lightly lift your heels up and then come halfway down and hold." Just when you feel your quadricep and gluteal muscles burning, it's time to add squats. Lisa says, "Try not to straighten your legs as you come up." Jessie Stansberry says, "It looks pretty easy but it really is difficult, you feel the shaking in your thighs and everything else."

Next is balancing Gluteal Work. Starting on all fours, Lisa says, "Send your right leg behind you, then lift it up, but just to hip height." Lift your leg for 10 reps, and then add a stomach crunch to strengthen the core and glutes simultaneously.

Last is the abdominal curl where you lie down with your knees bent and your arms curled around your outer thigs. Lift up into an abdominal crunch and Lisa says, "Think about relaxing the shoulders, lifting the elbows and drawing the belly in." Hold the pose for 30 seconds or add small curls for more challenge.

All you need is your body, a small space and you're ready to combat the Freshman 15 with some simple moves. As Lyndsay Murraykashoid says, "You feel more energized, you feel happier you feel clearer and ready to start your next day of school."

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