Craft celebrates Black History Month, diversity

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Here's a fresh and creative way to help your kids celebrate Black History Month and diversity.

I used instructions I found at HowStuffWorks (in Home & Garden section) to make a pencil holder decorated with images of children of all races.

Supplies you will need:
White, red, royal blue felt and scraps of other colors for decoration
Acrylic paint in gold, peach, brown, burgundy
Paper plate
2 1-inch plastic foam balls
Craft glue
Clean can
Yarn, beads, sequins, buttons for trim
8 wiggle eyes, 7mm each
Red chenille stem

What to do:
Have an adult tape off any sharp edges around the top of the can and cut the balls in half with a serrated knife.

Cut the white felt to fit around the can. Fold it in half, bringing the short ends together.

Draw four stick figures equal distances apart. Leave space at the top, bottom and sides of each for heads, hands and feet.

Put a small amount of each color on a paper plate. Use the flat side of a ball as a stamp to create the head by dipping it into the paint and placing the ball onto the felt above the stick figure.

Use your fingertip in the same way to make hands and feet. Repeat with a different color on all stick figures. Let dry.

Cut 1/2-inch wide strips of the blue and red felt to fit around the can and glue to the top and bottom edges. Let dry.

Make clothes out of felt scraps and decorate with the trim. Glue on yarn or felt "hair" and glue on the wiggle eyes.

Glue the red chenille stem around the bottom of the blue felt strip and cut any excess stem.


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