American Idol Top 36: Michael Sarver

American Idol" Season 8 contestant Jeremy Michael Sarver (who sometimes goes by just Michael Sarver) has the fifth most dangerous job in the world. He's a roughneck on an oil rig. He's a married father of two little ones who Simon called "the complete opposite of Ryan Seacrest". Jeremy Michael Sarver auditioned in Phoenix, Ariz. with "Thank You" by Boys II Men and had Paula groovin'. Kara called him "a sweet roughneck" and Simon said he had "that likability thing", with four yeses Jeremy headed for Hollywood.

The Jasper, Texas 27-year-old said the Kodak Theatre was "way grander" than what he expected, but he continued to impress on stage. Randy said his performance was "one of the best" he'd heard that day, giving Jeremy Michael Sarver a pass through another round of "Idol".

He has a MySpace page where fans can go for the latest Sarver scoop.

--Leslie Anne Wiggins

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