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American Idol Top 36: Alexis Grace

"American Idol" Season 8 contender Alexis Grace auditioned in Louisville, Ky. with Aretha Franklin's "Dr. Feelgood". The 21-year-old Memphis blonde grew up in a home filled with music, she can sing, and as Simon says, she has a "very commercial face"--which comes across as a compliment on "Idol". Kara, the final judge to give her opinion on this one chimed in, "I like your attitude, you're going to Hollywood".

Like Lil Rounds and Megan Corkrey, Alexis Grace is a young mom. She has a little girl, Ryan Elizabeth, who she calls a "gift from God" and says her daughter helped motivate her to do "Idol".

Newsday calls the stay-at-home-mom a "pink pixie", but she seems to have substance. She's twice been rejected from "Idol" in seasons past, but decided to give it a go this year for a third time, which turned out to be the charm.

She likes all kinds of music--country, pop, rock, soul, classical ... it will be interesting to see Alexis' range as "Idol" continues. As her MySpace page announces, she made it through the 2nd day of Hollywood.

--Leslie Anne Wiggins

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